In addition to our effective disaster relief delivery systems and packaging solutions, SkyLIFE has developed other technologies that assist non-profit agencies in their humanitarian aid efforts in developing countries. This includes SynBrik,* a recycling product that converts waste into heating logs, and SkyCOM, a digitized audio leaflet containing critical disaster relief information that can be airdropped.

The SkyLIFE Company, Inc. through its innovative technology division SkyDESIGN is developing a manufacturing process to produce synthetic fuel in briquette form to be used for cooking and heating. The process is designed to reduce large volumes of waste plastics, in particular Polypropylene (PP) in the form of sacks and boxes utilizing a variety of filler materials to control liquefaction of the Polypropylene as it burns. In producing the synthetic fuel briquettes it is considered essential that products of combustion emitted are less toxic than conventional fuels in common use in open hearths and cooking stoves. Synbrick was in part created to help combat the violence women and children face in underdeveloped countries when they search for firewood. Risking their lives women and children must walk miles facing the unknown to be able to provide warmth for their families.




  • Produced out of recyclable materials
  • Burns cleaner than firewood
  • Air droppable
  • Gives warmth
  • Clean energy
  • Promotes safety
  • Low emissions


As an alternative to the traditional airdropped leaflet, SkyLIFE developed an electronic, digital audio card. The card, which fits in our SkyPACK, stores critical information to be disseminated to people in a chaotic post-disaster situations. Our SkyCOM embeds a pre-recorded audio message and radio receiver to allow for mass communication to those in disaster effected areas. Messaging can be loaded by the customer prior to delivery and changed once systems have been delivered. Live audio broadcast allows for instant transmission of message and updates. Despite damage done to television transmitters or cell phone networks, radio can broadcast emergency information to even the most remote locations.




  • Replacement for printed leaflets
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to operate
  • Printed instructions in multiple languages
  • Custom features for NGO’s
  • Customizable functions
  • Playback of pre-recorded messages up to 20x
  • Continuous FM receipt
  • Customized labeling
  • Hand or air drop distribution
  • Lightweight < 3 oz.
  • Dimensions 3” x 6”
  • Wireless transfer of messaging


As an alternative to traditional airdropped leaflets, SkyLIFE uses electronic, digital video cards. This card and offers the unique asset of a pre-recorded video. Record in one language or multiple languages, one static video or a looping video to let your beneficiaries know help is one the way and to update them with important information. While illiteracy remains a huge problem among world population SkyVID combats this with its enhanced audio and easy to see video frame. Now reach more people in need at a faster rate than ever before.




  • Dimensions: 105mm x 60mm x 10mm
  • 4.13inches x 2.26 inches x .39 inches
  • Broadcast through FM radio signals
  • Printed instructions
  • Airdrop distributions
  • Pre-recorded video
  • Custom memory
  • Rechargeable