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Our packaging solutions are designed to glide harmlessly to the ground, ensuring each individual has an opportunity to receive needed vital  relief supplies. Traditional disaster relief efforts, ineffective packaging of food, medical and other supplies often lead to ineffective and inefficient results. This problem inspired SkyLIFE engineers to design and develop unique, practical and effective packaging for relief supplies. Our packaging systems include  lifesaving SkyPACKS* and the revolutionary Remote Packaging System [RPS].

Remote Packing System [RPS]

SkyLIFE’s Remote Packaging System [RPS] allows local humanitarian aid relief teams to assemble SkyPACKS and preposition them for future disaster emergencies. Prepositioning SkyPACKs allows emergency responders the ability to react to their country’s needs within hours after a disater.

RPS Design:

The SkyLIFE RPS is designed to allow aid workers the opportunity to create SkyPACKS on-site and in remote areas. RPS operates on either 120VAC or 240VAC. Power is supplied via local mains or from gasoline or diesel generators.

Benefits of the RPS:

  • Load specially tailored payload
  • Use local labor force
  • Use local suppliers
  • Preposition SkyPACKS and SkyBOX
  • Customized labeling

Prepositioning Masters

SkyLIFE can be deployed immediately while traditional aid response is ongoing.

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