SkyLIFE is number one in aerial technology. 100k+ systems dropped to those in East Africa. As elite problem solvers -SkyLIFE demands precision and reliability  in a world where the problems often involve life or death. SkyLIFE develops, designs and engineers innovative delivery systems and packaging solutions that revolutionize the way disaster relief and other supplies are disseminated to people in need throughout developing countries. Each product is unique in its technology and designed for a specific aid-related purpose.

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Sky Life

Delivery Systems

Our Aerial System Deployments have dramatically improved the way disaster relief and other supplies are delivered to people in need- suffering from horrific weather events, war and other catastrophes. SkyLIFE’s aerial dispersal developments are comprised of the SkyBOX, SkyPACK, SkyCOM,  SkyVID and SkyLIFE Parachutes; which have been designed and engineered by our SkyLIFE team for specific and often unique aid distribution situations. In such conditions, our systems have made traditional disaster relief distribution systems obsolete.

Packaging Solutions

In traditional disaster relief efforts, ineffective packaging of food, medical and other supplies can lead to disastrous results. This problem inspired SkyLIFE engineers to design and develop unique, practical and effective packing for relief supplies. Our packaging systems include the lifesaving SkyPACKS* and the revolutionary Remote Packaging System [RPS].

Sky Life
Sky Life

Unique Solutions

In addition to our effective disaster relief delivery systems and packaging solutions, SkyLIFE has developed other technologies that assist non-profit agencies in their humanitarian aid  efforts in developing countries. This includes SynBrik,* a recycling product that converts waste into heating logs, and SkyCOM, a digitized audio leaflet containing critical disaster relief information that can be airdropped.