The New Standard of Care

SkyLIFE is renowned for it’s cutting-edge technology, making it a leader in innovation, communication and engineering capabilities. With 10+ years of skilled international experience and over 30+ years of professional CEO experience, SkyLIFE  ranks as the number one exporter to South Sudan from Ohio and one of the top exporters from Ohio to East Africa, making us an “export powerhouse”.  SkyLIFE has earned this title with recognition as one of the strongest economic partners of the RGP of NorthWest Ohio.

What makes SkyLIFE so unique is the quality, reliability and exclusive technology designed for a specific aid-related purpose. At SkyLIFE we focus on developing innovative products for our clients that  revolutionize the delivery of supplies to victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts in mostly developing countries. SkyLIFE’s specific expertise involves engineering humanitarian aid air drop systems, effective communication technology and waste to fuel initiatives.

Additionally, SkyLIFE is an approved and certified military sub-contractor. Our SkyLIFE engineers have the capability to design and develop hardware in the areas of communication, cybersecurity, intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance. SkyLIFE has an entrepreneurial pedigree. As a result, we occasionally invest in the ideas of other, like-minded businesses. We are always looking for the next best idea, whether it’s ours or someone else’s.

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