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Skybox Systems Delivered

500 k+

Tins of Cooking Oil Delivered

56 +

Villages Supplied

48 M+

Dollars Saved

Humanitarian AID & Natural Disaster Solutions

SkyLIFE develops, designs and engineers innovative delivery systems and packaging solutions that have revolutionized the way disaster relief and other supplies are disseminated in developing countries. Each product is unique in its technology and designed for a specific aid-related purpose. In a world where life and death are complex difficulties to solve, SkyLIFE is the elite problem solvers for First Day-First Aid.


Military Solutions

SkyLIFE is a technology developer for the U.S. Department of Defense. Not only does SkyLIFE support U.S. special operation forces with innovative, American-made technologies including airdrop and multimedia systems, but as an approved and certified military sub-contractor; SkyLIFE designs and develops technology in the areas of communication, cybersecurity, intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance.




A recycling product in which waste material
can be converted into heating logs, emitting
clean energy into the environment.



Sky Life


The SkyLIFE journey began in 2010 with one of the worst natural disasters till this day, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit and devastated Haiti; reducing much of the country to rubble, taking the lives of thousands of innocent people.

The initial quake was no doubt devastating, but what was even more shocking were the valiant but ineffective relief efforts in the immediate aftermath towards the quake. Our team, now called SkyLIFE, watched helplessly as thousands of unnecessary deaths resulted due to the lack of access of vital aid that was stacked up at overcrowded ports and airfields. Main roads were blocked by debris, rendering them impassable for trucks loaded with relief supplies. Even with the monumental global response that was mounted, tens of thousands of initial survivors lost their lives because aid could not be delivered across “the last mile.”

It was while witnessing these tragedies in Haiti that our
Founder and CEO, Jeffrey Potter, created The SkyLIFE Company.

The company was founded with the paramount goal of ensuring that people never have to endure the same suffering that the thousands of citizens with in Haiti had to experience.